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After seeing this, I regret not seeing Big Hero 6 sooner! But anyways, this drawing is absolutely incredible. I honestly think that a s...

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What defines a glitch to us? Is it a faulty error in programming? Is it a convenient tool that just screams "GLITCHED!!!" in amusement to our advantage?
The answer is both of those, but in this particular situation, there is one glitch that still confuses me, even though it's more recent, it left me with quite a few fears, and I've shared it's story with friends who have also feared what this glitch has done.
A few weeks ago I decided to replay Red version on an emulator, but I wanted to do something fun. I used Gameshark to obtain MissingNo from the beginning, however... I ended up getting 'M.
But Hey! I was aiming to make this party nifty and use only glitch Pokemon, so getting 'M was inevitable. I caught a few Pokemon, level grinded enough so I could go face Brock, yep, definitely was able to work with this. With my 'M named Noi, we were ready to go to town and curb-stomp this game.
I decided to save my game, take a break, eat dinner, then return to playing a bit later.
I continued
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If I'm able to play Battle for Bikini Bottom on the go on Switch, I'm going to most definitely have a nostalgic heart attack.
Spyro is back, baby! (And before anyone goes "But what about the Switch?! Crash is on Switch now!", I believe Gamexplain did a video on a UK leak for a Switch version of the game and even if that's fake, c'mon guys, it's going to be on Switch eventually. XD)…
SteamWorld Dig is an amazingly fun game to play not only on Switch but other consoles as well, just thought I'd share that. :P
March 4th, 21XX
Time: 12:01 PM
Location: Wastelands
Mizu, Kaden, V-Team, G-Team

The two fighters, Mizu and Kaden, stand before each other, eyes locked and prepared, to a degree, to begin the battle. As Galia and Vlad look over the two combatants, Mizu checks over the diagnostics of her battle suit on her custom face scouter: DEFENSE ENERGY: 100%. POWER ENERGY: 100%. BACKUP RESERVES: OPERATIONAL. She grins at this as her mech's hand tightens into a fist. Kaden, on the other hand, simply scratches his pointed elf-like ear and yawns, simply ready to get this over with so he can nap. With everything checking out, the king and queen raise their hands for a short while before finally throwing them down.


At their go-ahead, Mizu quickly jumps back before flinging a fist forward. "Alright, you lazy bones, allow me to help put you to sl-!" But before her fist can even make contact, a shotgun blast noise is heard and she quickly finds herself being flung halfway across the area.

"Holy crap!", Hato exclaims. "Looks like despite being as lazy as ever, Kaden still has that incredible power of his..."

Detera crosses her arms. "That's to be expected, though. Since he was a kid, he has been doing tough training with the legendary Sensei and has mastered the art of Gunslinger. Those punches have the might of shotgun blasts themselves and definitely aren't easy to defend against. It's a good thing Mizu thought to use a battle suit for this little... "tournament" of sorts, otherwise she would have been out before it even truly began, along with more-than-likely critical injuries."

Lolli looks over to Detera, slightly surprised by her response. "Oh my... Our dear kingdom's Kaden truly has such power inside him? I never would have imagined..."

Hato chuckles lightly. "Probably 'cause you spend most of your time at your shop and looking at Genka with ga-ga eyes!"

The wizard blushes as she quickly clears her throat. "R-right... well then, let's just continue to watch the battle, shall we?"

"Ugh.... Mind giving a heads-up before you unleash one of those concrete brick-like punches on me?!" She huffs as she slowly rises up, quick to notice the message that has popped up on her scouter: DEFENSE ENERGY: MINUS 12%, 88% REMAINING. Great, what a way to start the match off... The scientist then casts a glare towards Kaden as she has fully risen up, lunging towards her opponent yet again, but this time firing mini plasma spheres from her suit's metallic hands. Even with shots a plenty, however, Kaden effortlessly dodges them all as he yawns while watching her get into his vicinity yet again, not even making the slightest effort to fall back with her presence looming ever closer.

"Sorry about that punch, M'...", he says slowly. "But this is a fight I have to win for Lady Galia, so I'm kinda required to do that. I mean, it is a fight after all..."

"As if I didn't realize that already!!" She barks as she gets close enough to throw a punch towards his face, but he easily blocks it with his own as the two quickly enter into a nearly invisible flurry of fists clash, seemingly being at an even balance. However...

POWER ENERGY: DRAIN CONSTANT, REPORTING AT 79%. Damn! Can't give in now..! I know this suit wasn't ready for such an opponent like Kaden right out the gates, but I must push through!! I can't just pull back...! POWER ENERGY: DRAIN CONSTANT, REPORTING AT 63%. ...Then again, maybe a different attack can help me out with this conundrum... "BACKUP RESERVE, ACTIVATE!!" At her words, her suit begins glowing a light yellow color erratically as she goes on the defensive, seemingly waiting for an opportune time to strike. POWER ENERGY: STABILIZED, 63%. DEFENSE ENERGY: DRAIN CONSTANT, REPORTING AT 76%. Just a little bit... not too early...

On the sidelines over on Queen Galia's side, the team looks on with bewildered stares. Just what exactly was she planning to do, use her backup defense reserves to guard against Kaden until he decides to stop? As most of the kingdom's residents know, despite the lazy personality Kaden may possess, it takes him quite a long time for him to get tired out by fighting, that much had to be thanks to the his training in the Gunslinger arts. If that was really her strategy for this whole thing... then it would not be long until the fight would be over.

Just as this thought passed through the mind of Gexx, sudden bolts of plasma electricity began to peek seemingly out of thin air, the young woman's gaining a smirk on her features as Kaden raises an eyebrow, his punches getting slower as the bolts began to show up more frequently. And then, like a sudden sucker punch, it hit Gexx immediately.

"Holy shit... is she really going to...?!"

And at the same time, Galia and Vlad turn to their members and utter the same sentence: "I suggest you all get down for this one."

DEFENSE ENERGY: DRAIN CONSTANT, REPORTING AT 50%. Fine by me!! Now ready to do her thing, Mizu let out with a yell that could pierce the blue sky above: "SUPER DESTRUCTIVE WAVE!!!"

And with that final word escaping from her lips, the battlefield in the Wastelands soon became home to gust of sudden and violent winds and a thunderous explosion that even those of surrounding areas could hear from hundreds of thousands of miles away. The force so unexpectedly great, the fighting members of the teams were all rendered to either guard against the massive blowback or hit the ground and pray they don't get swept away by the winds. Luckily for them, as soon as it was there, it was soon to disperse, leaving quite the cracks in the earth, quite the spread of dust and a bit of area damage.

Mizu releases a sigh as she checks her scouter: DEFENSE ENERGY: 50%. POWER ENERGY: -13%, 50% REMAINING. BACKUP RESERVES: UNAVAILABLE. 50/50... Of course. Oh well, I'm sure he felt that one. Her eyes then pan all of what she can currently see on the battlefield, not seeing her heavy handed opponent anywhere and assuming he's knocked out on the ground somewhere. This revelation immediately causes a smirk to be cast upon her face, along with a chuckle that soon turns to laughter.

"Hahaha! I did not think at all I could take down Gunslinger Kaden, but looks like I'm full of surprises today!"

Gini makes an unimpressed "pfft" sound and pats the dust and small debris off herself as her "rival" continues to laugh proudly. "What a rip... I'm glad I didn't have to pay to see this... So I guess the first victory goes to-"

"Wait." Galia says, not having been affected by the Super Destructive Wave's might along with Vlad, who is gritting his teeth for some odd reason. "Mizu has not won just yet."

Mizu whips around to the direction of her former liege, confused by her words. "What? What do you mean? The guy isn't anywhere in my field of view! He has to knocked out on the ground from the power of that massive-"

"MIZU! BEHIND YOU!!" Vlad yells out quickly through his clenched teeth, visibly sweating slightly. Her fellow members follow their king's line of sight through the now lessening dirt cloud and all collectively gasp at the sight they are baring witness to.

The scientist's eyes widen at his tone and quickly turns around only for her mouth to be left agape in utter shock at what she sees: Kaden, with the same sleepy looking expression and face, with only his shirt being shredded to pieces and his pants slightly roughed, completely unharmed.

Mizu can't believe her eyes, nor can she muster any sentences to come out of her mouth. "B-b-but... You w-were... H...How could..???"

Kaden nonchalantly cracks his knuckles a bit as a sudden surge of power starts to ooze off his body like a lowly flame. "The force of that wasn't half bad."

Mizu shakes nervously as her eye pans at the readings the suit's scouter is giving off of Kaden. "100...978...4,043...8,999........Holy crap....." With no other option on the table, Mizu begins to fling punches left and right, but Kaden dodges them without hardly any movement and sends an explosive punch her way in return, getting a direct hit and sending her way back from him.

DEFENSE ENERGY: 39%. She grits her teeth as she holds her hands forward and fires off a flood of plasma spheres... but the young man just simply walks through the blasts as if they're nothing but annoying flies.

"Goodness... Just how powerful IS Kaden truly...?" Genka asks as he continues to observe in awe and shock.

"Hmm, maybe he could even rival you someday, your princely-ness." Duo remarks to Gexx, awaiting his response.

".....Shut up, Duo." Gexx says in an annoyed manner.

Kaden suddenly raises an arm to his chest and with precise timing, he reflects back a specific plasma sphere to Mizu, speeding through the barrage and making a clear miracle shot on her, knocking her out of her phase.


"Tch..!! Damn it..! I got no choice but to bank the remaining power energy on one final shot!!" She grits her teeth as she places her armored hands together, forming a plasma sphere way bigger than the ones from before. "CATCH THIS ONE, KADEN! GRAND SHINE SPHERE!!" And with what remaining force she could get the suit to muster, she blasts the projectile towards him with full force.

Yet... He just stands there, as if waiting for contact to be made. But near the second to last moment to try anything, his left fist, burning with the same energy resonating off of him, flies up and "catches" the sphere, causing it to instantly combust and spread around in little glittering energy flakes. Mizu is left only to watch in silence as her last ditch effort is reduced to absolute nothingness.


"Well that was to be expected...", Mizu got out, breaking her silence finally. "But... This suit still has defense and even if I can't use high-flying punches, beams, and plasma shots, I can still punch the crap out of you!" She grins as she gets into a boxer-like stance.

"(Yawn...) Sorry 'bout this, M'...", the warrior says as he phases out of sight briefly and reappearing nearly inches away from her face in the fraction of a second. "Queen G says I can't lose, so this has gotta be the finale of our fight, I guess..."

"W-what the...?!" She looks at him, unable to react in time as she witnesses his fists cocking back and ready to strike.

Kaden clenches them tightly as they begin to shake slightly. "I like to call this move the "Minigun Rapidfire Barrage". ...Kinda still working on the name, but it's whatever."

And without a further word, it almost appears as if time itself has stopped for this one moment as Kaden belts out punch after punch at the arms and legs of the suit, the entirety of the attack taking no more than five seconds at best. As he finally stops, everyone gazes in silence as they take into account that Mizu, despite being mentally and visibly shaken up, does not seem to sustain any damage on her suit, not including the dents and scratches from earlier scuffles. However, slowly lifting his fist up, Kaden gently taps the chest-plate of the suit, causing a large rumbling sound to be heard seemingly coming from it and by all nearby. Ultimately after a few seconds of anticipation, the entire suit completely breaks down and off of its creator as Mizu is launched high into the sky, having blacked out from the sudden pressure.

"Mizu!!" Hato yells as he rushes out to catch his comrade, but it seems Kaden beats him to the punch as he literally punches the ground to blasts himself into the sky. And with a quick grab, he comes back down with the knocked out scientist in his arms.

"Sorry, I didn't expect the pressure would be so much in the end... Hopefully she feels better when she wakes up." He hands her over to Hato as he makes his way over to the sidelines.

"...Kaden..." Hato watches as his old friend walks away, but he soon snaps out of his trance and brings her to his side of the sidelines, all of the members glad to see she's okay for the most part.

"Ngh..." She mutters in her unconscious state. "K..King Vlad...I'm sorry..."

Vlad clenches his eyes shut, visibly feeling guilty for getting her into this position. "Please, don't be sorry Mizu... You did wonderfully... Just rest now, the others will take it from here."

Gini snickers as she claps for Kaden. "Well done, lazybones! With that, the first victory goes to Queen Galia!!"

"Your efforts shall be rewarded for this, Kaden." The Queen says as she grins to him.

"Cool. I'm gonna sleep now, wake me when everything's finished up." He says as he lays down on the ground and immediately goes to sleep, garnering a scoff from Gexx.

"Now then, let us move on to the next battle." Galia says as she flings the cube device upward and watches as it comes down, the message immediately displaying.

Detera Kyohaku vs. Duo Yugo

Duo eyes widen as she grins with immense devious intentions. "Well, well, well...~"

Detera cracks her neck slightly as she smirks, electricity pulses around her palms.

"Oh, I am going to have one hell of a great time with this one."



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